Stencyl Team Project: PugStep

As part of the Games Encounters lectures we were put into teams and given three random elements to design a game from. my team were given “music game” “dedicated players” and “The land of tomorrow” – with these ideas in mind we pooled our ideas together and over a week we created Pugstep. A musical platformer featuring a pug, this game would also had collectables and online connectivity if we were to dedicate to making it for download.


Here are some images from the development:

Pug life



I helped with the coding, as well as design for the level and the “helper” character seen to the left of this text.


[I will provide a link to the game or screenshots at a later date.]


I feel that our work was a very high quality considering the time-frame we were given. We had to design and make a playable demo in a program we had no experience with in no more than a few weeks. My team worked well together although I had to remind them not to stray too far off topic at times.


Given the chance, i would love to finish this game to an IOS/Mobile device app standard.


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