Character Design: Caterpillar

The aim of this session was to design anthropomorphic characters based on caterpillars. I think of myself as rather knowledgeable in the field of anthropomorphism and bipedal animals as this is where my creative arts and crafting originated.


After looking at pictures of certain caterpillars, I quickly sketched 3 designs and refined one into a full image. Sadly this full image is not available for me to upload. But I will upload it when I can. Here are my initial designs:


cat pillar


These three designs took me a while to come up with as I was trying to capture the trails of the insect/s they were based off of. Even so I don’t feel that they are very uniform in their styling. I factored the one on the right as it most resembled the caterpillar it was based off. I think in future I need to improve my consistency when designing multiple characters for the same brief.






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