Pixel Art

Many flash and/or web based games use pixel art as a way of making their assets stand out as well as be easier to produce. pixel art usually works on a very small scale, so the artist has a challenge of getting as much detail as they can into a small space and utilizing every pixel. We used pixel styled work in our Pugstep game previously, which sped up the production dramatically.


In this tutorial we were simply looking at the pencil tools and looking over anti-aliasing in order to crate a crisp final product. We also looked at the 30 degree lines that make up the isomeric view that a lot of these pixel games use.

DogsPeeOnThese Our task was to replicate a fire hydrant after learning the basics of the 30 degree angles that make up the basic map for a lot of pixel games. I feel that this information is useful and informative. Both of these assets might be important in making our own games at a later date.


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