Steampunk Assignment

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We were asked to design a steampunk ship, weapon or character for this work. As characters are my speciality I decided to create a robot, partially inspired by the band Steam Powered Giraffe.


First I done a fair amount of research into steampunk and the defining features of it. Below you can see a collection of images put into a mood-board type arrangement.






Next I sketched out a number of ideas for what my character could be. I explored more “bulky” robot designs, humanoid design and animal-like designed and settled on the more humanoid ones as I could add attire to them without adjusting it, and a character like this would also be a lot easier to animate in the industry.


I decided to elaborate on the sketch in the bottom left with the robot tipping his hat~ I took a liking to his expression and details and decided to mix elements of the full body humanoids to make his legs. I proceeded to sketch this out on a new page:







I then too this image and coloured/textured this image to create a final draft of the character:







Although I am quite proud of the texture usage and design of this character, the end of the image was rushed due to time constraints. I was also going to make a second version where the character was wearing a waistcoat/tailcoat to make him look more fitting to the steampunk genre.


Sci-Fi Ship Design

ship mindmap

< Mindmap and research into planes and aircraft design.





< Initial sketches







< Final design combining elements of sketch 1 & 3.




< Modelling in 3DSMaxx using basic shapes and turning them into “editable poly”.





< Wireframe and final model with plain material.





< Final Paintover.