Tree Creature

We were assigned to make a creature inspired from plant life, mainly trees. After researching some of my favorite trees I found the Bonsai tree to be quite strong in terms of character and based my creature off this. After sketching in the shapes and playing with the features slightly, I added the base colour for the tree. Then added a leaf texture.

Sadly I had no time to finish it in session, this is what I had at the end of the session:


After the session ~I spent some time adding layers to give the bark more definition as well as draw the leaves and add a texture rather than just using found textures.  I found the leaves quite hard to draw as I did not want to draw each one individually. I found drawing a large shape and then adding the textures quite effective. But I was rather rushed for time with this work. I would have approached it differently and spent more time actually digitally painting the work rather than this approach given the chance to redo it.



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