An Overall Evaluation

I think it’s fair to say that my hindsight is 20/20. Looking back over the past year’s work I can see many flaws in the work I have produced, an artist is their own worst critic after all. Most of it has been due to unfamiliarity, difficulty adjusting and generally time restraints. Some of this can’t be helped (with a bout of severe depression throughout early 2014 which I’m still recovering from alongside other medical mishaps.) but I still wish I could have dedicated more energy to learning and experimenting with the new software. I’m happy with the skills that I have aquired, even if the finished pieces are not to as high standard as I would have liked. But it’s about the journey, not the destination.


My 2D art style is very comfortable to me, so to move out of this comfort zone and try to focus more on digital painting and other techniques I have shied away from in the past is something I’m proud of. I have learned many techniques and although a lot of these remain unfinished or rather poor quality, I feel that the techniques and experimentation is just as, if not more important than any final finished image. The 2D concept work we have done this year has also exercised my design skills, which I feel is one of the better creative qualities. And this has certainly improved my skills as an artist and a designer.


3D has always been a strong point of mine in the real world, but it seams in virtual space I struggle with creating what I envision. Although I could make a model out of clay or sew a garment with little trouble I struggle with the tools and processes of 3D programs such as Maya. This will likely come with time and I will be able to combine the skills I have in the real world with the virtual. But I feel I will need a lot of practice and guidance to do so. I hope over the summer and next year I’m a little more familiar with the packages, but I feel that given time this may become one of my best skills.


And don’t even get me started on coding. My skills, or lack thereof, leave a lot to be desired…


So this year has been a hell of a steep learning curve, but it’s a good challenge. I learned a lot, and there’s a lot more to learn.

“I’ll get there eventually” [D.Edmed. 2014]



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