Box modeling.

Box modeling is a process of which a 3D model is build up from a single cube. by adding edge loops and extruding shapes the model slowly gains more detail and polygons. The concept of box modeling seams easy enough, but personally I struggled greatly with it. Partly because of the software, and partly due to the amount of time needed to “correct” the errors that come with the nature of box modeling.


After struggling for several hours on 3DS Maxx, The program crashed and I decided it might be easier to use Maya. After installing Maya I had many issues trying to get the symmetry to mirror the modifications and movements I was making to the other side of the model. In the end I made half of the model in hopes of mirroring it after it was complete. Although this did not happen in the end. I spent a ridiculous time trying to find, select and delete the extra edges and planes that the technique of box modeling produces, and I felt frustrated that the shapes and topology of my model was incorrect. I restarted this work a good three or four times. Below you can see the workings of the most successful one, that i did not manage to mirror.


Although we were takes to model a minotaur, I could not even produce the humanoid shape.  I feel that this technique is good in concept but requires a lot of trial and error to master the intricacies and inevitable errors from the programs while using it. We were provided with a mirrored Maya file shortly after this session, which I feel will help with the process we learned. I will attempt this method again in future without any time pressures and hope that I get better results.



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