Mudbox is a 3D modeling program with is based more on real-world sculpting than building from virtual blocks. I have used Sculptris (a freeware program which could be described as a free/trail/streamline version of Mudbox.) And I have used it to make several models before and quite enjoyed the experience, you can see some of my rough Sculptris models below. So I thought Mudbox would be my cup of tea. I was wrong.



Sadly I missed one of the sessions completely, and the other I spent a lot of time trying to catch up with the rest of the group. So my experience with the program is minimal. But I could see some things I recongised in the toolbars, but sadly it felt like mudbox was working against the user the entire time. Whereas Sculptris has a more freeform flow to it.


By creating a simple box model, I managed to create this blob-twotailedcat-creature in one of the sessions, and add pivots to the legs successfully. but that was about all I achieve.  I feel that I might be able to effectively use the program if I can get accustom to the differences between Sulptris and Mudbox, As Scultris is meant to be inferior to Mudbox, but that’s where my preference currently lies until I learn the tools and mechanics of this new “better” program and hopefully be able to use Mudbox and all it;s tools effectively in future.




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