Tentacle Beastie

We were tasked with making a “Tentacle Monster” for this session. After looking at some references I took my inspiration from the fictional character Cathulu and MindFlayers from Dungeons and Dragons.

I took a more simplistic approach to this piece, sketching the rough lines on paper before digitally inking them, and using flat colours. After deciding that this looked very flat and uninteresting I started adding a paint effect by using various brush opacities using complimenting colours. this made them stand out without clashing. This made for a very interesting textures effect while still holding the strong line art. Bringing quite unique results I may well use in future.


I also Took the work and changed the hue and brightness to achive some different colour choices, although this did make the contrast between the painted effect and the block colour less obious and thus made the image look flat once again. but it does prove quick results to recolour the creature while retaining the complimenting colours by changing all colours in the image proportionately.

tentie0tentie tentie2tentie3


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