World Building – [Task01] Character Concept.

Statement of Intent

Horus [The Great], Egyptian God of Vengeance.


Above are some silhouette images I created to start my design. I took the anthropomorphism of the hawk to be the main visual feature to draw upon. I decided to do silhouette based on different percentages of animal to human. For all of these images I took the essential component to his lore – The crown of upper and lower Egypt and integrated it into all of the designs above.

1.] The first silhouette was based of the ancient Egyptian interpretation of Horus, as a man with the head of a falcon. Although loyal to the source material, i feel that this design is rather exhausted and has an unnatural “cutoff” point between the body and the head making the design seam very divided.

2.] This design was based on a avian put into the anatomy of a human. The wings on the back being a defining part of the silhouette. Although this silhouette is the most striking at first glance, it is very complex and would be difficult to make the design itself not feel “cluttered” after adding all the levels of detail of a finished design.

3.] This “human with a mask” design would be the most realistic interpretation of Horus if he were to be a human being, but i did not want my design to be fundamentally human – this also takes away from and “Godly might” the character might have visually.

4.]  The design based on the hawk was one seen in several sculptures in Egypt. The hawk with the double crown is recognisable but I feel that this design might be quite hard to integrate into a game featuring humanoid characters as well as trying to get a Hawk-like figure to manipulate objects.

5.]  This final design was closer to the first silhouette but with some modifications. Many of the human features were clouded with hawk anatomy. blending the two together to make a more fluid and consistent design. The fabric at the back could be replaced with tail-feathers to give it an even more animal-like appearance alongside the talon-like hands and feet and a smoother transition between feathers and skin.

Sketchbook Studies

A numver of sketches exploring the design of the character Horus

Initial ideas sketched in notebook:


Sketchbook drawings.




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