World Bulding

• Proposal – Character intent

• Silhouettes
Drawing the silhouettes of various breeds of dog from references. I looked through the various traits and behaviours of each breed. Visually there were a few breeds that stood out, and finally I chose the Japanese Shiba-inu due to it’s elegance and unique visual traits.
• Sketchbook
• Character variations

Firstly, I drew Shiba inus in various styles and various poses, although I quickly aknowledged that they needed to be of a similar pose and size to be compared fairly. After this I created a three-quarter view of various levels of realism and stylistic shiba dogs and chose the one that I felt reflected the personality conveyed from the statement of intent.

After this I copied this dog, creating several rows of the outline and made simple colour palettes for each that comprised of three colours. Keeping the design simple. And after narrowing my choices to three palettes, I chose the first due to it’s simple yet distinctive colours.

• Model sheet

Model Sheet Kai_lines Model Sheet Kai
On this model sheet I used guide and a grid to ensure the views lined up correctly. After sketching the front, side and back views based on the chosen design from my character variations, I added smaller “detail” boxes to highlight details such as his eye and paw colour. I realise looking back on it that I should have including a picture with reference to the colour and shape of his maw.

• Final piece

[in progress] this was the base for my final piece. Although I did not get time to finish it, I think the pose (bringing depth to the image) and anatomy are a good start and the details that would have been added in the paint over would have bought the character to life.

• Proposal – Character Sheet
• Silhouettes

Using basic shapes I created several sketches exploring the extreme angles and curves I could use for this human character. Although exaggerated, this gave me a good idea very quickly that I could combine shapes for various parts of the design. Armour could be very angular and sharp while the character himself could have squared features to give him a tough, guardian-like physique.

• Sketchbook

img009 img008 img007 img005 img003 img002
• Character variations

char vari 2
Sketching out a rough three-quarter pose I changed various detailing on the sketches. Different armours had advantages and disadvantages in their design, complexity or practicality at stake.

This also gave me a chance to greatly experiment with the characters colours. I tested many combinations of colours and found that a more faithful, tanned akin tone fit the Egyptian character the best. I also only used colours that would have been available at that point in time, using gold to embellish the character with jewellery as they would be in Ancient Egypt, and light linen cloths that could be dyed bright colours, such as Horus’ cape.

• Model sheet

[in progress]
On this model sheet I decided to use the same technique of laying as my model sheet for Kai. The ink layers would be on two levels. A base and a layer containing his attire. This allows the modeler to create the 3D model with greater ease.

• Final piece

• 3D model


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