Dranzer: All Parts

After a little bit of a struggle with some stray Verts along the center of my model, I managed to finish making all the components of my beyblade!

from top to bottom:

  • Bit chip
  • Attack ring
  • Weight Disc
  • Spin/Magnet Gear
  • Switchable blade tip
  • Blade bottom/Base


Each part came with it;s own challenges. Such as the switchable blade tip being a tri-headed, lockable mechanism which took some study to fully understand how it even worked!


With some more small adjustments, This model will soon be ready to get it’s high-poly beauty.


I’m really glad that I decided to pursue this object. Even though it has been a challenge to model, I’ve found myself rather passionate about making it to a good quality and as accurate as I could to the source material.



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