Low Ploy – UVs

An often overlooked task – I thought UVing my model would be a rather quick process. But as of writing, I’ve spent a countless amount of hours doing and re-doing the UV mapping for my low-poly model.

I have never UV-mapped a model before, and being a rather confident tailor I was sure that I would have no trouble – As one of my classmates described the task as similar to laying out a sewing pattern.


Although this mindset is similar. My unfamiliarity with the process has hindered my progress. along with being at it so long and being to the point of exhaustion – This might not be finished by the deadline at the end of the day if it continues at it;s current speed.


for the next project I will have to plan my time a little more effectively, as several tasks like this have slowed me down over the project. Although i have learnt a lot by trail and error, the stress of having to re-do the same task four times has killed my enthusiasm.



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