Games Art: 2D Character Design

Anthropomorphic Goat character OneSheet

with basic information to base the character’s design from.



In order to get a better idea of what my character might look like, I researched into various breeds of goats as well as fantasy illustrations and cartoon goats. This gave me a varied overview of the many different ways I can develop my character.


Influence Map

For this task we were asked to make a “Influence map” – A single page in which we list some of the artists that inspire us most and their work. This means that we have a single page that we can come back to if we ever need some inspiration.

Some of the artists that inspire me are:

Shigenori Soejima – Woeked on SMT Persona
Hayao Miyazaki – Studio Ghibli
Stephen Nickel (Stevesketches) – SMITE concept artist
Thanshuhai – Artist on Commission – Via FurAffinity
Akihiko Yoshida- Nier (Game)
Everquest 2 – Concept team
Ken Sugimori РGen 1 Pokémon games.


Games Art: 2 Concept Task (Char & Enviro)

Character Concept

For my character concept I decided to make an anthropomorphic coyote character. After looking up some references I gave him a very human torso but a lot of canid features. After sketching the base I began to paint over the sketch with colours picked from my reference images.

Environment Concept

The second part of this task was to concept a room – I decided to do a ruined cabin. I started with creating a box for perspective, then created a floor-plan and scaled it. then fleshed it out from these plans.