Games Art: Sketchbook Studies

As part of my research into goats, I done several sketches from photo reference to better understand their shape and anatomy.

I selected a range of breeds in order to get a better understanding of the core workings, as well as an insight to similarities between different types of goat.

I looked in detail at the anatomy of the hooves, horns and face shape as these are two largely defining characteristics of this animal.


Goat Part II – Thumbnail Sketches

10 Thumbnail sketches exploring level of anthropomorphism and style.

In reading order (left > right, top > bottom) my silhouettes slowly increase in human features. The first being a very stylized goat with few human features, to a human with some goat ascetics.

5 & 8 are my favorites from this exercise.

The 5th silhouette is a goat’s anatomy stood on it’s hind legs. Reflecting a world where animals, like goats, could be in place of human characters while still retaining all of their animal features.

The 8th I would consider to be 75% human anatomy, but with the appearance of a goat with man of the features that define them. This would give the character a very defined appearance, and relateable to the human-audience.


Games Art: 4 Values Task

This task was to use only four values in order to make impressive lighting and dynamic form. I Sketched out my character beforehand, before blocking in the entire drawing with 85% grey. Then adding details based on where the light hit the character.

  • Upward facing surfaces would have the lightest colour,
  • forward facing the second.
  • And black used for details and heavily shadowed areas.
  • The Part between these was left at 85% grey.

We also had to use 100% pressure and smooth lines for this task. Which I used the Pen tool/vectors to help this process.


He was given the name V-Sync by my housemate due to his monitor-head. I liked it.