Games Arts: “Final” Final Render

After many hours of adding layers, changing opacity and generally juggling every element of the document, I finally came to a point where I was willing to submit my work:


Although I was hoping to add a lot more detail to this, I found it quite difficult to keep the stylised look with my current workflow that primarily uses textures and overlays. In future I will have to find the “sweet spot” between my current way of working an the stylisation I’m attempting to achieve.


Games Art: Final Render Pt2


Using one of my screenshots as a base, i cropped the image in order to bring focus to the character. I sketched out the character and added his attire on a separate layer and used various colours to help with my anatomy as his limbs overlapped.


I flip the canvas a lot in order to gain a better angle on which to apply the digital “ink” layer. After inking my goat I used the pen tool combined with the regular brush in order to get the straight lines in the environment.



After inking the image I coloured the goat, using the warp and perspective tools in order to make the scarf’s pattern lay more naturally. I combined the layers with the goat’s colours on and added some muted colours to the environment, and added a gradient and silhouetted in the window to quickly add depth.



By assing a gradient to the wall and different tones to where the shadows would be, I added a lot of depth to the image while still retaining the stylised theme. Adding a gradient to the wall and adding layers of different types.


Games Art: Final Render Pt 1

For my final render I debated for a long time about what sort of setting I would like to put my character in. After some google-image searches of various locations, I settled on either just outside, or inside a café. And as I’ve always been fond of nooks in bay windows, I wanted to put my character there either reading, writing or drinking a tea or coffee.


I threw together a simple sketch of my idea in Photoshop.


As I used Maya to help me make my model sheet, I decided to do the same for my final render. I made a plane on the ground and used basic shapes and box-modeling to create the outline of my scene. Taking screenshots from different angles in order to find the perfect framed image to build onto and put my character in.

Games Art: Extention

As we had several deadlines in a row  on the 11th/19th/20th and 22nd the Games Art submission date was pushed back one week to allow us to compete our projects to a good standard. This gives me more time to make a detailed model sheet and a final render of my goat character.