Games Art: Final Render Pt2


Using one of my screenshots as a base, i cropped the image in order to bring focus to the character. I sketched out the character and added his attire on a separate layer and used various colours to help with my anatomy as his limbs overlapped.


I flip the canvas a lot in order to gain a better angle on which to apply the digital “ink” layer. After inking my goat I used the pen tool combined with the regular brush in order to get the straight lines in the environment.



After inking the image I coloured the goat, using the warp and perspective tools in order to make the scarf’s pattern lay more naturally. I combined the layers with the goat’s colours on and added some muted colours to the environment, and added a gradient and silhouetted in the window to quickly add depth.



By assing a gradient to the wall and different tones to where the shadows would be, I added a lot of depth to the image while still retaining the stylised theme. Adding a gradient to the wall and adding layers of different types.



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