Life drawing Update

A few charcoal images from a life drawing session last week.



Sketchbook Update

Looking into human anatomy, specifically the muscles. I drew a few images using different materials and a diagram of the human body (front and back) labelling specific muscle groups.

img054  img056




I attempted to use different effects and materials. The layering of pencil, red pen, black Biro became a little dark. I found using red felt pens to make an interesting layered effect. This looked very convincing as muscles. Although in hindsight i should have went over some of my pencil lines with in in order to stop the pencil lines fading into the background.


Character Design: Caterpillar

The aim of this session was to design anthropomorphic characters based on caterpillars. I think of myself as rather knowledgeable in the field of anthropomorphism and bipedal animals as this is where my creative arts and crafting originated.


After looking at pictures of certain caterpillars, I quickly sketched 3 designs and refined one into a full image. Sadly this full image is not available for me to upload. But I will upload it when I can. Here are my initial designs:


cat pillar


These three designs took me a while to come up with as I was trying to capture the trails of the insect/s they were based off of. Even so I don’t feel that they are very uniform in their styling. I factored the one on the right as it most resembled the caterpillar it was based off. I think in future I need to improve my consistency when designing multiple characters for the same brief.





3D: Low-poly Robot

Our latest 3D task was to create a low-poly robot in 3DSMaxx. Although these models are known for being bocky, the low poly count allows them to use significantly less memory than their high-poly counterparts. Games will often have a high and low poly model for gameplay and cutscenes respectively.


Here is the image of my lo-poly robot:


Although this not entirely accurate to the image we were given, I had to finish this model without the references due to my own misjudgement. But I feel that my model is close enough. If I had more time I would have accurately completed the model’s hands and given it a texture. I feel I am improving with my modeling speed, but I need to keep practicing modeling and texturing.


Life Drawing

As part of the CGA course, I have attended life drawing sessions. Here is a sample of some of the charcoal drawings I have created over the weeks:


Life drawing teaches important skills, offering practice of drawing the human form from life. I feel any artist will benefit from doing more life drawing. Myself included.



Insect Character: Treifvin Dotherech

Tasked with designing an insect character, here is my character. The Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle; Treifvin Kuang Dotherech.


See the design Document here:


Here are a few W.I.P shots of the blueprints. Completed work to be uploaded soon.






I quite enjoyed this exercise despite being rather unfond of insects in general. My blueprint should have been more accurate and straight on rather than using perspective. But since we did not make 3D models from these blueprints it was not hindering to anyone or anything. My 3/4 view was also rather rushed. I would have liked to spend more time on this design in general.


Sketchbook: Shaded Character

img038I have to admit that this piece of work out of my sketchbook is my favourite so far. Using different grades of pencil I tried to create a sense of heavy shadow and found that there was a lot of texture in my shading.


This also falls back on my artistic roots slightly, as anthropomorphic characters, admittedly, are my jam.

Traditional Sketchbook Post!

Almost every week we have been set a sketchbook task. This would normally involve something from life, then a design of some sort. below you can see my sketchbook so far: